Mission & Values


Offer children a stimulating, joyful and warm space where they may learn how to be self-sufficient, creative, and where they are able to awaken their curiosity.

In ÁBACO we will continuously seek the right balance between a structured program and open space for children to discover their skills and accept their weaknesses without desisting to work on such difficulties.

We work in teaching values through the daily experiential situations. Through our work, we achieve self-confident, self-sufficient, tolerant children with a great joy in learning. 

At ÁBACO we believe that if we work with love and commitment to the first infancy, we will achieve a more fair and amiable society.


At ÁBACO our priority is to work on three guiding values for our work with the children, and our relations with the team and the parents.

We consider that RESPECT is the foundation of our relations among all the parties to this community. Thereby, we not only ensure a respectful treatment but also tolerance for differences and for the difficulties experienced by our children and their families.

We are interested in teaching the children the sense of SOLIDARITY & JUSTICE so they may feel empathy with the situation and with others’ feelings. We ensure that needs are met as required by each one of the Ábaco children.

Within the adult relations in this community we especially believe that a mandatory guidelines in INTEGRITY. We report clearly and timely to parents on the learning process status of their children and we report any eventual situation that may occur in the kindergarten with full details. Both the kindergarten and the team assume the responsibility of any mistakes we may commit.

In the day to day of our classes, we work with the children to help train them in all the values and VIRTUES that we believe are important in the toddler years.